Enhancing teacher effectiveness through SEL: The Responsive Classroom Approach

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The Responsive Classroom is an evidence-based approach that has been linked to greater teacher effectiveness, higher student achievement, and improved school climate.

The program focuses on enhancing teacher effectiveness, providing training that supports educators in developing competencies in four key domains: Engaging Academics, Positive Community, Effective Management, and Developmental Awareness. Examples of strategies taught include implementing effective morning meetings, responding to misbehavior with positive redirecting language and logical consequences, using written agreements with individual students as part of problem solving.

The program is managed by the Center for Responsive Schools (CRS), who offer on-site training and consulting services to schools as well as workshops for educators in various locations. Multimedia resources on this approach, such as books, videos, assessment tools and study kits are available on their website.

Developed in the U.S., this program has been running for over 30 years, and the CRS provides training to over 10,000 teachers every year. Furthermore, Responsive Classroom is recognized by CASEL as a “SELect” program.