Guidebook for Adolescent Girls for Promoting Agency

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A Girl’s Guide to Knowing Her Rights, developed by the YWCA Canada, is designed for adolescent girls to promote their sense of agency, and their knowledge of their rights and how to stay safe. This guidebook provides a breakdown of the rights, responsibilities, and legal issues surrounding health and safety issues in school, family, social media contexts, and within relationships. Within the social media section, readers are provided with information on being careful about what is posted online, what to do if a picture is posted without consent, and how to stay safe in the digital world. There are additional sections on bullying, dating, stalking, assault, health, and such topics as what can be done when being bullied/stalked or what can be done if you have been victimized. Overall, the guidebook provides readers with an introduction to each topic and teaches adolescent girls agency over their own lives. This guidebook could be used as a stand-alone resource, or incorporated into classes on health and healthy relationships.