How teachers can support moral development in their classrooms

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nice is not enough

Nice is Not Enough, written by Larry Nucci, provides an in-depth understanding of moral development from the early elementary school ages through to high school, and is a practical guide for teachers to support moral and social development in their classrooms. Published in 2009, the book is organized in three sections: the first section is an overview of the history, theories and research that shape the understanding of moral development, and also summarizes the developmental processes across grades k-12.

The second section focuses on how classrooms and schools influence moral development through climate and teaching practices. The third section explores how the academic curriculum can be used to support moral and social development, providing strategies and lessons teachers can use across the different grades.

While some ideas and language in the book may be challenging, Nucci provides examples from his research of dialogues between students that effectively illustrates how moral, conventional and personal issues are thought about, and talked about in children.

Nucci, L. P. (2009). Nice Is Not Enough: Facilitating Moral Development. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Merrill.