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Peer-Assisted Learning Strategies

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The Power of Peers

This volume, edited by Dr. Karen Harris, Professor of Special Education at Arizona State University, and Dr. Lynn Meltzer, Professor in the Department of Child Development at Tufts University and Harvard Graduate School of Education, includes contributions of over 25 experts in the fields of education and social learning, and includes information and peer-assisted instructional strategies such as peer mentoring, differentiated instruction, small-group instruction, and techniques to encourage effective collaboration. Designed for teachers and special educators of students in Kindergarten through Grade 12, all strategies are backed by the latest in evidence-based research, and cover a wide variety of academic subject areas, including reading, writing, math, science and history. Includes sample lesson places and reproducible tools and handouts. Special topics also include peer-supported instruction for English Language Learners and the important role of peers in designing effective early interventions for students with special needs.

Harris, K. & Meltzer, L. (Eds.) (2015). The power of peers in the classroom: Enhancing learning and social skills. New York: Guilford Press.