A picture book for children PreK- 2 about feeling angry, and constructive ways to deal with their anger: When I Feel Angry

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When I Feel Angry, written  by Cornelia Spelman for children PreK- 2, features a young rabbit who feels angry in situations most children can relate to – being teased, being made to leave a fun activity to do a chore, losing a game, or not getting a drawing right.

Like most children, this bunny wants to lash out when angry, but she knows that “feeling like I want to is not the same as doing it”, and she finds constructive ways (e.g., removing herself from the situation, exercise, rest, cry, ask for help) to deal with her anger.

The illustrations are colorful, funny and gentle, and the language very simple. The book also includes an author’s note on helping children learn they cannot avoid uncomfortable feelings, and can have control over their actions.