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“Pies”: A NFB short film about conflict resolution over cow pie and a minced meat pie

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“Pies” (12:17 min) is an animation about two women from Sasketchewan, Canada, who are neighbours. Mrs. Cherwak owns a cow and lets the cow roam free so that its droppings are everywhere, and her neighbor Mrs. Meuser, confronts her, demanding that her cow be put away properly. This leads to teasing and Mrs. Meuser slipping on a cow pie, which upsets her for days. The conflict escalates, with Mrs Meuser offering mince pie laced with traces of cow-pie. Eventually, both women resolve their grievances, finding common ground and ways to make up to the other.

This film from 2004 has some similarities to the Poop-Pie in “The Help” (2011) but goes beyond to feature conflict resolution that is understandable by young and old. No educational resources were developed for it but it can be used as a discussion piece, even for early childhood students.