Promoting Character Development and Life Skills in K-12 students

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Learning for Life K-12 Integrated Academic and Character Development is a research-based program that provides character education and life skills instruction for students at all grade levels, from pre-kindergarten through high school. Developed in 1991 by the Learning for Life Corporation, the Learning for Life program is designed to be integrated into the academic curriculum and offers grade-specific lesson plans that can be implemented by the classroom teacher. Although the number of lessons and topics vary across grade levels, the goal is to help all students reach their full potential by reinforcing their academic skills, developing their social, emotional, and life skills, as well as character traits, promoting personal values, and providing a strong foundation for college and career readiness. The program includes home-school collaboration and promotes the use of instructional strategies such as role-playing, moral dilemma exercises, online interactive lessons, and hands-on activities to encourage active learning.

Learning for Life K-12 also provides teacher training regarding the implementation of the program and a new online Integrated Academic and Character Education program that focuses on the development of values and life skills through the use of introductory videos for each module, multiple audio narrations for each grade, and supplemental videos for personal safety.