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Reduce Bullying Through School-Based Strategies

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The P.E.A.C.E. Pack, developed in 2001, is an anti-bullying program from Flinders University (Adelaide, Australia). The systematic framework provided by this program can address school bullying and violence through preparation, education, action, coping, and evaluation. This resource is designed for use with students from K-12 by teachers, school counsellors, and school administrators. Evaluations of the program have demonstrated its effectiveness in reducing bullying, increasing students’ knowledge and awareness about bullying, and increasing feelings of safety from bullying.

The program can be delivered in a series of 6-8 lessons, and includes a 24-page booklet with 14 worksheets on the nature and effects of bullying, details of the outcomes of intervention programs in schools, a resource list, and more. It also includes bullying information specific to children with special needs.