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Roger Weissberg on fostering social and emotional competencies that help youth thrive

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An engaging video presentation by Dr. Roger Weissberg, president and CEO of the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), and a professor of psychology and education at the University of Illinois in Chicago where he directs the social and emotional learning research group.

In this 55-minute presentation, recorded on Oct 13th, 2013, Dr Weissberg talks about the social and emotional competencies that help young people thrive across economic, racial, gender and cultural divides, competencies that include empathy, teamwork, critical thinking, self-confidence and self-direction. Research on the impact of SEL, and strategies for fostering social and emotional skills in youth are also shared in this presentation.

To download the slides for this presentation, and learn more about Dr, Weissberg, visit this link at the University of Minnesota website.