A Shared Responsibility for Education: Consistency Management & Cooperative Discipline

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Consistency Management & Cooperative Discipline was created by Dr. H. Jerome Frieberg, Professor in the College of Education at the University of Houston as a program for teachers to develop ways to foster social and emotional learning in their classrooms. This program focuses on engaging students to be responsible for their individual learning and the broader classroom climate. The program consists of seven workshops for teachers to attend, with each workshop focused on a different aspect of student citizenship and classroom climate including creating positive climates, managing bullying, and developing shared classroom rules. Teachers are also provided with tools and strategies to engage and communicate with parents. Training for this program spans two years, starting with a full day training, followed by six workshops throughout the school year.

Consistency Management & Cooperative Discipline is designated as a SELect program on the CASEL guide. Results from a 2011 program evaluation demonstrated that students in the program had higher reading and math standardized tests.

Evaluation data from (as reported on CASEL website): Freiberg, J. H., Husinec, C. A., Rubino, C., Johnson, J., Borders, K., Williams, L., & Alexander, R. (2011). Unpublished manuscript presented at the Annual International Meeting of the American Educational Research Association