Assessment Compendium

Choosing the best assessment approach for evaluating the impact of SEL on Middle School Youth

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Commissioned by the Raikes Foundation, this  report  reviews existing assessment tools designed to measure the social and emotional well-being of middle school students. After conducting a review of available literature on social and emotional learning (SEL) in middle school students, the authors identified and evaluated 73 assessment tools based on intended population, ability to monitor change over time, scientific soundness, and practicality of administration. Of these, only 10 of the assessment tools that were evaluated met these criteria for inclusion in this report. Each of the 10 assessment tools described in the review includes an overview, target age of the measure, a list of the constructs measured by the assessment, a description of the strengths and weaknesses of the measure and its reliability and validity, and availability of the measure. Measures are not provided in full.

Citation: Haggerty, K., Elgin, J., & Woolley, A. (2011). Social-Emotional Learning Assessment Measures for Middle School Youth. Seattle: Social Development Research Group, University of Washington Commissioned by the Raikes Foundation.