Teaching social and emotional skills to students through active, cooperative games

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Developed in the 1990s in Australia by drama teacher, Wilson McCaskill, Play Is The Way® is a whole-school approach to social and emotional learning that uses cooperative, physically interactive games to develop a common language, teach social skills, and ultimately transform the school culture. Emphasis is placed on building capacity for self-improvement, peer support and respect, self-regulation, socially responsible behaviour, and acceptance of others. Activities are designed to challenge participants, build teamwork, and foster self-discovery. Only basic equipment is necessary for games and no athletic ability is required to participate successfully.

The implementation manual is available for free online  and includes a detailed timeline of the multi-year delivery of the program. The cost of the initial on-site workshop to train staff is approximately C$2,600. The program manual is available for purchase on the website for approximately C$300 and includes the materials needed for delivery of the program.

Additional resources are also available on the website including workshops, videos, books, and parent resources.