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Three ways to teach in a world where students no longer have to come to school to acquire knowledge

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A convincing TED talk by Diana Laufenberg, a high school social studies teacher who believes that a paradigm shift is needed in education, around the idea that, historically, students came to school to get (and be tested on) knowledge, but that students now have access to information, with or without going to school. In this 10-minute talk filmed in November 2010, Laufenberg proposes a need for a new teaching paradigm that embraces the reality that students have the tools to acquire the information themselves, a paradigm that focuses on asking what students can do with the information, and ways of teaching that connects students with the information in an authentic and meaningful way so they can learn from it. Supported by examples from her own teaching experiences, Laufenberg puts forward three qualities that are critical within this new paradigm: (1) experiential learning, (2) empowering student voice ad (3) embracing failure.