A comprehensive overview of Suicide in Adolescents: Teen Mental Health

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The following link on suicide is part of a larger, online resource made available by Teen Mental Health. Teen Mental Health is a comprehensive website devoted to enhancing youth mental health by making available scientifically-based resources and tools that have been specifically tailored to be useful for educators, health providers, parents and youth.

Visitors to the site are provided with a comprehensive overview of suicide, including sections addressing what suicide and suicidal behaviors are, myths and facts regarding suicide, risk factors associated with suicide, information regarding what someone can do if they suspect suicide, information regarding the various forms of interventions (i.e., school-based, community-based & health care system-based) and information on what schools, health institutions and mental health providers can do following the suicide of a young person. Additionally, the site provides a video segment on support after suicide. In the video, Carol Cashen whose son committed suicide and Dr. Stan Kutcher discuss their book, “Have you lost someone to suicide? Support after suicide.” Links to additional resources available on the Teen Mental Health website, as well as links to resources available on other websites are also provided.