Coping Strategies for When Everything Seems Awful

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“You are stronger than you think.”

This free, open-source, shareable and customizable handout contains a list of questions to ask yourself, or someone else, when they are feeling depressed. Each question is paired with a suggestion or practical strategy to help improve one’s mood. With advice ranging from “have a snack” (to combat low blood-sugar if you haven’t eaten recently) and “take a walk” (to get those endorphins flowing!), to “take a ‘selfie’” (for a self-esteem boost) or “talk to a therapist” – this list has something for everyone. While the advice works for anyone who is going through a difficult time in their life, this handout may be particularly useful for educators who would like to know what to say when supporting students and colleagues with mood disorders. This handout could easily be incorporated into a lesson about coping strategies by asking students to brainstorm other questions and tips that work for them when they are feeling upset.