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Understanding and Helping Teens Who Engage in Self-Harm

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Helping teens who cut

In this updated edition, noted mental health expert Dr. Michael Hollander of Harvard Medical School provides information and practical guidance about the problem of teen self-injury. Through case illustrations and the latest research, readers will learn why some teens hurt themselves, how to talk about self-harm with teens, and how to help teens who are engaging in self-harming behaviours, including teaching teens specific coping strategies to help them manage difficult emotions and tips for helping teens and parents find a qualified mental health therapist. Although written for parents, this book is a valuable resource for teachers who are interested in learning more about self-injury and the many ways that educators and other adults can help support teens who self-harm.

Hollander, M. (2017). Helping teens who cut: Using DBT skills to end self-injury, second edition. New York: Guildford Press.