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Mental Health
Tools for Supporting Child and Youth Mental Health

The Collaborative Mental Health Care website was developed by child and youth mental health clinicians in Calgary, Hamilton and Ottawa, …

Mental Health
Mental Health Awareness for Schools

This comprehensive website, presented by the Canadian Mental Health Association, includes general information and strategies for maintaining mental wellness, as …

Mental Health
Working Through Anxiety and Depression

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America is an international, non-profit organization focused on improving the quality of life for …

Mental Health
A website for supporting students with medical conditions and disabilities: LearnAlberta


The Canadian webpage on Medical/Disability Information for Classroom Teachers is part of the LearnAlberta website. Visitors to the page …

Mental Health
A government website that provides scientific research on mental health: The National Institute of Mental Health

National Institute of Mental Health

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is a U.S. government organization dedicated to the promotion, support and dissemination of …

Mental Health
An interactive tool for mental health information: MyHealth Magazine

MyHealth Magazine was created in 2001 as a health literacy resource for young people seeking accurate health information. The magazine …

Mental Health
A website that helps to support individuals with mental illness in the home, workplace and school: Canadian Mental Health Association

The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) is a voluntary organization devoted to promoting mental health and supporting “the resilience and …

Mental Health
Learning about, living with, and caring about mental health: Teen Mental Health

Teen Mental Health is a comprehensive website devoted to enhancing youth mental health by making available scientifically-based resources and tools …

Mental Health
A network of addiction and mental health sites: Portico- Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

The Portico website – developed by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), provides access to a vast collection …