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20 Children’s Books about Diversity and Body Positivity

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This blog post by Jes Baker (aka the Militant Baker), a noted public speaker and body positivity activist, provides a list of 20 children’s books that cover a wide range of topics related to inclusivity and diversity, including self-esteem, body acceptance, race/culture, gender identity and expression, as well as books featuring main characters with physical disabilities. This booklist aims to increase children’s awareness and acceptance of diversity by addressing difference in a variety of forms – size, shape, age, sex, gender, ability and race. Some of the featured titles include: “Your Body is Awesome, Body Respect for Children,” “It’s Ok to Be Different,” “ClaraBelle Blue,” “Big Hair, Don’t Care,” and “El Deafo,” among others.  As Jes Baker notes, incorporating diversity in children’s literature communicates to children that all people belong and deserve to be seen.