Building Self-Awareness and Relationship skills in High School students: School-Connect

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School-Connect is designed to foster social, emotional, and academic learning in high school students by promoting self-awareness and relationship building. Developed by US-based Kathy Beland, Julea Douglass and R. Keeth Matheny, the program consists of four modules and 20 lessons. There is a two-day intensive on-site training for teachers, who are provided with a toolkit with an implementation plan, resources, and assessments.

School-Connect is designated as a Promising Program on the CASEL guide. Results from a 2014-2015 program evaluation demonstrated that high school students in the program had higher overall passing rates in four core school subjects and had fewer disciplinary referrals. However, some students who did not receive the program reported higher grades in math, English language arts, and had a higher overall passing rate for English language in comparison to students who received the program. Due to these mixed results, CASEL designated this program as Promising.

Evaluation data from (as reported on CASEL website): Huston, A., Beland, K., & Douglass, J. (2016). A¬†School-Connect Intervention Impact on High School Students’ Discipline Referrals and Academic Outcomes. Unpublished report.