A Collaborative System for School Improvement

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pyramid of

Published in 2011, this book aims to simplify the complexity of school improvement efforts to help schools create a positive learning environment in which both students and staff are inspired to do their best. Outlined is a system in which teachers work collaboratively to support both the learning and the behavioural needs of students. This system includes a three-tiered pyramid of behaviour model and seven keys to creating a positive learning environment, including aspects such as common expectations, positive reinforcement, and data-driven dialogue. Examples of the system’s use in real schools are provided, as well as tools for school-wide positive discipline, instructional materials such as a behaviour matrix, behaviour analysis flowcharts, and behaviour contracts.

Hierck, T., Coleman, C., & Weber, C. (2011). Pyramid of behavior interventions: Seven keys to a positive learning environment. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree Press.