Activities, Discussions, and Assignments for Middle School Emotional Literacy

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emotional literacy

Published in 2004, this book outlines a 6-step program that engages the intellectual, emotional, and social framework of the individual to develop self- and social-awareness, acquisition of a diverse vocabulary to identify and express emotional experiences, understand the relationships between thoughts, feelings, and actions, and share and communicate thoughts and feelings with others. Recommended for grade 5-8 students, it can be used as a stand-alone program or incorporated into other lessons in other content areas. Activities include self-reflection, analysis of academic material and current events, classroom discussions, interaction with family members, artistic designs, and creating writing assignments.

Maurer, M., Brackett, M. A., & Plain, F. (2004). Emotional literacy in the middle school: A 6-step program to promote social emotional and academic learning. Port Chester, NY: National Professional Resources Inc./Dude Publishing.