Teaching children and adolescents the skills for cultivating mindfulness

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The Inner Kids Program is developed by Susan Kaiser Greenland, author of “The Mindful Child”. This program aims to develop Attention, Balance & Compassion in children and adolescents (pre-K to 12). The program uses games, activities, instruction and sharing to encourage development of awareness of inner experiences (e.g., thoughts, emotions and physical sensations); awareness of outer experiences (e.g., other people, places and things); and being aware of both together without blending them. Also included are activities that promote kindness, self-compassion, patience, generosity, and gratitude.

Younger children (pre-K to 3) meet for 30-minutes twice a week, for 8 weeks. Older children meet once a week for around 45 minutes, for 10 – 12 weeks. Meetings can take place during the school day or after, and have also been implemented in sleep-away camps.

An adult training program is also available to give parents and educators the theory and practice for teaching mindfulness that is consistent with science, psychology, educational pedagogy and classical contemplative training. In this program adults learn age-appropriate activities that can be integrated into home, classroom, or after-school routines.