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A Global Network for promoting Emotional Intelligence

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6 Seconds, founded by Anabel Jensen and Joshua Freeman, is a global network supporting the development of emotional intelligence through provision of information, workshops, research, and forums for the global exchange of ideas.

The 6 Seconds team has a practical, action-oriented model (Know-Choose-Give) for developing emotional intelligence in adults and children, upon which their educational resources are based.

In addition, 6 Seconds has developed a youth assessment for emotional intelligence (SEI-YV) tapping 8 competencies linked to emotional intelligence (e.g., emotional literacy, optimism, ability to navigate emotion, empathy etc) as well as some important barometers of well-being (e.g., Life Satisfaction, Relationship Quality etc).

“EQ for Educators” is the arm of 6 Seconds that promotes SEL in schools, by identifying and sharing best practices for school-based SEL implementation, supporting SEL research through grants, offering PD workshops for educators, and sharing current articles, research and insights on their website, and through webinars and e-conferences.