A learner directed app that helps teens address personal problems

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Ripple Effects for Teens is an evidence-based tool that allows teens to independently access information and strategies they need to handle challenges and solve personal problems. This app, accessible on tablets, provides guidance in over 400 areas that affect teen behavior, motivation and relationships. Topics range from individual social and emotional problems (e.g., impulse control, having mixed feelings, resisting pressure etc.), physical and mental health challenges (e.g., acne, body odor, cutting, anxiety etc.), social challenges (e.g., bullying, hazing, breaking up, sibling rivalry etc.) to difficult issues (e.g. abuse, death, divorce, hate crimes, etc.). For each topic, there is a tutorial explored in multiple formats, using peer narration and modeling, true stories, media analysis, journaling, and interactive games which provide students with instant feedback.

Ripple Effects for Teens is listed on the National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices (NREPP) in the US, and sponsored by the US National Institute of Health as a comprehensive children’s mental health and substance abuse intervention. It has been shown to boost resilience and grade point averages, and decrease school suspensions, absenteeism, and behavioral referrals.

A an evidence-based version of the tool is also available for children, Ripple Effects for Children.