PassageWorks: Engagement Resources and Workshops for Educators and Parents

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SMART- Passageworks

PassageWorks (Colorado, USA) is an organization whose goal is to support educators and parents in their integration of social, emotional, and academic learning, and their efforts to create a relationship-based classroom. Their work is centered around the five dimensions of the Engaged Teaching Approach that addresses such things as engaging the self-observer, being present, cultivating an open heart, developing emotional capacity, and establishing respectful boundaries.

The website includes materials related to the Engaged Teaching Approach, information on programs they offer such as courses, workshops and school-based professional learning, as well as links to their publications, mindfulness resources, and curricular resources.

PassageWorks also manages various programs, including the SMART program, which stands for Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques in Education, and is a program for teacher well-being.