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A resource on creating supportive school environments for refugee students

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Life after war: Education as a healing process for refugee and war-affected children, written by Tony Tavares and Isle Slotin (2012), is an e-book that provides information for educators, school support staff, and school community members about special emotional, social, and psychological considerations regarding refugee students at all grade levels, and how to create safe and supportive environments for these students to foster success and learning. The first section of the e-book provides background information regarding the history and experiences of many refugees that have relocated to Canada. Tavares and Slotin provide research on the psychological impact of war and displacement, how trauma affects psychological well-being and development, and the issues faced when relocating to new countries. The next section of the e-book provides resources on how to incorporate lessons and curriculum that help refugee students successfully integrate into their new environments, and information for educators on how to socially and emotionally support these students through both classroom lessons and school-wide approaches. Finally, the last section provides information and resources on organizations that support the well-being of refugee families. Although the resource is mainly focused on refugee students and families in Manitoba, the information provided can be applied to refugee students and families nationally and internationally.