Sanford Harmony offers full-package support for PreK-Gr 6 teachers

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Sanford Harmony focuses on promoting five themes of diversity and inclusion, empathy and critical thinking, communication, problem solving, and peer relationships. 21 developmentally specific lessons are offered for grades PreK to 6, and include stories and games as well as “Meet Up” and “Buddy Up” activities. “Meet Up” is a structured and concrete circle time that is grade-appropriate and helps develop the teacher-student relationships. “Buddy Up” activities are designed to develop student-student relationships, and encouraged for use among those who rarely interact.

To support the development of this program, Sanford Harmony provides an “Implementation and Training Roadmap” that includes steps to create a leadership team for the program, ways to define goals and expectations, and how to recognize teacher-leaders who champion the program.

The program was created in the US and focuses mainly on the classroom environment. It does not fully incorporate participation from the school or family. A 2010 study in six US schools showed improved academic performance, SEL skills and attitudes and reduced conduct problems in students that undertook the Sanford Harmony program.

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