The “Golden Rule” for Emotionally Intelligent Parenting

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emotionally intelligent

This 1999 book offers a new “Golden Rule” for Emotionally Intelligent Parenting, and shows how parents can live by it: “Do unto your children as you would have other people do unto your children”. Based on information from research, first-hand experience, and case studies, this book provides strategies for enhancing self-discipline, responsibility, and emotional health in children and adolescents. Using five basic principles of emotional intelligence, parents learn how to communicate with children on a deeper and more gratifying level, and how to help them successfully navigate the intricacies of relationships.

Elias, M. J., Tobias, S. E., & Friedlander, B. S. (1999). Emotionally intelligent parenting: How to raise a self-disciplined, responsible, socially skilled child. New York, NY: Three Rivers Press.