Lessons learnt from teaching mindfulness to teenagers

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This article, published on the Greater Good website in August 2014, provides some challenges, and strategies for teaching mindfulness in high school. Author Patrick Cook-Deegan shares nine specific lessons learnt from his experience teaching introductory mindfulness classes to high school classrooms. His tips include: (1) starting with making mindfulness relevant to the lives of the students, (2) keeping groups smaller than 12, (3) foster intrinsic motivation for the learning of mindfulness, (4) starting with older students, (5) meeting regularly, at least once a week, (6) have around 9-12 mindfulness classes in a course, (7) try to teach in the middle of the morning, which is when teenagers learn best, (8) consider the benefits and costs of having an in-house versus outside teacher, and finally, to remember that introductory mindfulness training such as he is doing is just “planting seeds”.

Citation: Cook-Deegan, P. (2014) Eight Tips for Teaching Mindfulness in High School. Retrieved June 26, 2015, from