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Teaching Mindfulness Strategies to Children and Adolescents

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Teaching Mindfulness

This volume, edited by Dr. Christopher Willard, from Lesley University and Harvard Medical School and Dr. Amy Saltzman, a holistic physician and mindfulness expert, includes chapters written by renowned scholars in the fields of mindfulness and education.  Grounded in developmental and neurobiological science, the authors use case studies, mindfulness scripts, and sample lesson plans to provide accessible and practical advice for teachers about how to incorporate mindfulness into their educational practice. Specific chapters address a variety of topics, including mindfulness for preschoolers, elementary and middle-school students, teens, and at-risk and special needs students. Strategies are also tailored to the application of mindfulness across different subject areas, such as sports and physical education, music, language arts and arts education. Links to mental health and acceptance of cultural differences are also discussed.

Willard, C. & Saltzman, A. (Eds). (2015). Teaching mindfulness skills to kids and teens. New York: Guildford Press.