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Mental Health
Supporting Students with Attention Difficulties

This brief report describes the results of a research study of young adults with learning and attention difficulties. Participants answered …

Mental Health
Importance of Sleep for Teenagers

Written in easy to understand language for teens and adults, this article describes research on the links between getting enough …

Mental Health
Advice on Seeking Help for Teen Substance Addiction

This comprehensive article describes the warning signs and health consequences associated with teen drug addiction, and how addiction is different …

Mental Health
Classroom strategies for coping with common mental health problems: Healthy Minds Canada


When Something’s Wrong: Strategies for Teachers is a 56-page resource booklet published in 2007 by the Canadian Psychiatric Research Foundation. …

Mental Health
Supporting students’ mental health as they transition from high school

This report, published in April 2013 by the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC), provides an overview of school-based mental …

Mental Health
Information about Pediatric Bipolar Disorder and how to support these students: The Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation

Educating the Child with Bipolar Disorder is a 12-page resource booklet published in 2007 by the Child & Adolescent Bipolar …

Mental Health
Practical recommendations and interventions for Suicide and Suicidal Ideation: The University of Delaware College of Education and Human Development

The following link leads to a 7-page PDF entitled, Suicidal ideation and behavior: Recommendations for schools in preventing and addressing

Mental Health
Learning about the development of Substance Use Disorder and approaches to prevention and intervention: The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse


This link leads to a 90-page PDF report entitled, Childhood and Adolescent Pathways to Substance Use Disorders, published by …

Mental Health
Perfectionism in the classroom: An article looking at what it looks like and classroom-based interventions

This link leads to a 9-page article titled; Perfectionism: Its Manifestations and Classroom-Based Interventions. The article by Nugent (full …

Mental Health
Learning about Perfectionism: The British Broadcasting Corporation

This link leads to an article which provides a brief overview of perfectionism, including the differences between normal and neurotic …

Mental Health
A peer reviewed article providing an overview of Kleine-Levin Syndrome

This link leads to a peer-reviewed, open-access article on Kleine-Levin Syndrome (full citation provided below). In this article, Ramdurg (2010) …

Mental Health
Teaching students with Depression: The British Columbia Ministry of Education

The following link leads to a 48-page PDF resource for teachers developed by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. This …