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Practical strategies for supporting refugee children and families

This Resilience Guide was developed by CMAS (Childminding Monitoring, Advisory and Support), Canada’s leading organization with a focus on caring …

A resource guide for supporting Students through Trauma

Making Space for Learning: Trauma Informed Practice in Schools, developed by the Australian Childhood Foundation, is a research-informed …

Teaching Students from Refugee Families

Teaching Refugees with Limited Formal Schooling, developed by the Calgary Board of Education in Alberta, Canada, is a …

An App for Learning about the Experiences of Refugees

Developed by the United Nations Refugee Agency, My Life as a Refugee is a game for IPhone and Android devices …

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An online resource for teaching students with limited formal schooling

The Teaching Refugees with Limited Formal Schooling (LFS) Website was developed by the Calgary Board of Education in Alberta, Canada, …

Brochure for educators receiving refugee students into their classrooms

This 6-page brochure, developed by the US Bureau of Refugee and Immigrant Assistance (BRIA), is designed for educators who are …

A children’s book about the school-day challenges of an immigrant child: From Far Away

from far away

From Far Away is a children’s book by Canadian author, Robert Munsch, based on the real life experiences of Saoussan, …

A Primary Lesson Plan about Helping Newcomers with their Challenges

The Welcoming a Newcomer lesson plan from the Critical Thinking Consortium, based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, is designed to help …

Lift Off: Teaching about Refugee Experiences

Lift Off, developed by Amnesty International, provides teachers with an entire curriculum as well as single lesson plans …

Seeking Safety: Lesson Plan for Promoting Understanding of Refugees

Seeking Safety, developed by Amnesty International, provides an instructional resource for students 8-10 years old about refugee and …

A Media Based Website: Lessons on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

I Am Syria is a non-profit, media-based website that provides resources and educational lesson plans about the Syrian Conflict. Lesson …

An Online Game: Teaching About Refugee Migration Experiences

The Syrian Journey: Choose Your Own Escape game, developed by the British Broadcasting Channel (BBC), serves as an educational …

How schools and educators can support refugee children’s adjustment to school in North America

This section of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) website outlines several considerations for schools and educators for supporting …

An online resource for understanding refugee trauma in children

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) is a U.S. organization with a goal to improve access to care, treatment, …

A toolkit for helping refugee families build resilience towards stress

The Center for Refugee Trauma and Resilience at the Boston Children’s Hospital in the United States has developed a web-based …

Multilingual resource sheets for parents on positive child development topics

The Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs (FRP Canada) has created a series of multilingual resource sheets for parents about …

Learning useful phrases in Arabic and other languages

A great way to build relationships and show you care about newcomer students is to learn to speak some caring …

A report on the core settlement needs of young newcomer children

This report was published by Childminding Monitoring, Advisory and Support (CMAS) Canada, a leading organization in supporting immigrant …

Multi-lingual brochures for parents

These brochures were developed as part of the “New In Canada” Parenting Support Series, created by Childminding Monitoring, Advisory and …

A report on the educational and mental health needs of Syrian Refugee Children

This report, published in Oct 2015 by the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) in Washington, DC, examines the experiences of Syrian …

A Guide for Welcoming Young Children and Their Families

This guide is published by Childminding Monitoring, Advisory and Support (CMAS) Canada, a leading organization in supporting immigrant …

Online resource for coordinators and educators on considerations for early childhood education regarding refugee and immigrant students


Diversity and difference in early childhood education: Issues for theory and practice, written by Kerry H. Robinson and Criss …

Acknowledging educational needs of students in times of crisis and disaster: A book of essays


Even in chaos: Education in times of emergency, written by Kevin M. D. Cahill and Miguel H. E. D’Escoto …

Online resource for coordinators and educators on early childhood education for refugee and immigrant students

Promising practices of early childhood education for immigrant and refugee children of British Columbia, developed by the Affiliation of …

A resource on creating supportive school environments for refugee students

Life after war: Education as a healing process for refugee and war-affected children, written by Tony Tavares and Isle …

TED talk on the importance of providing education for refugee children

This TED talk by Melissa Fleming, Head of Communications at UN’s High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), makes the case for …

A short video about the life of one refugee child

This short video (2 minutes, 43 seconds), created by UNICEF, introduces the plight of refugee children through the life of …

Teaching tools for integrating refugee issues into classroom curriculum

The United Nations Refugee Agency website includes a section for teachers, providing teaching tools and resources for educators to raise …

A Guide for Schools About Supporting Children with Refugee Experience

This resource guide was developed in March 2014 as part of the Surrey Welcoming Communities Project in British Columbia, Canada. …

A documentary about life in the Za’atari Syrian Refugee Camp

Salam Neighbor, released in 2016 by US film production companies Living on One Dollar and 1001 MEDIA, provides a …

Supporting refugee children in schools: A reference guide


Supporting refugee children: Strategies for educators, written by Jan Stewart (2011), Associate professor in the Faculty of Education at …

Caring for Syrian Refugee Children

Caring for Syrian Refugee Children: A Program Guide for Welcoming Young Children and Their Families, developed by Childminding Monitoring, …

Develop Knowledge and Skills Regarding the Mental Health of Refugees

The Refugee Mental Health Project, developed by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (Ontario, Canada) aims to build the …

Engage Immigrant and Refugee Students and Families

Strategies for Engaging Immigrant and Refugee Families, developed by Promote Prevent, a part of Education Development Center, Inc. in …

A Guide for Teachers and Schools for Students of Refugee Backgrounds

Students from Refugee Backgrounds: A Guide for Teachers and Schools, produced by the BC Ministry of Education (British Columbia, …

Welcoming Syrian Newcomer Students and Families to Schools

The Welcoming Syrian Students & Families Info Sheet, developed by School Mental Health-Assist (Ontario, Canada), outlines the importance of …