Schools have primarily focused on academic learning, but over the past few decades, a growing body of research has shown how efforts to foster social and emotional learning (SEL) in children and youth can make a real difference in children’s lives, both academically and socially, and both now and in the long term. LEARN about what SEL is, why it is important, and the evidence that supports the promotion of social and emotional competence in children and youth.

SEL Learn Resources

An examination of messages in Youth Internet Safety Education programs

This article presents a critical examination of the messages in youth internet safety education programs, informed by research on the …

A Teacher’s Guide to Resolving School Bullying

Teachers guide to resolving

The Teacher’s Guide to Resolving School Bullying: Evidence-based Strategies and Pupil-led Interventions, is written by Dr. Elizabeth Nassem, a researcher …

A comprehensive global website on conflict resolution in education

The Conflict Resolution Education Connection is a website dedicated to promoting conflict resolution education (CRE), and helping to develop a …

A book and film for teenagers about the loss of a parent

A monster calls

A Monster Calls is a widely acclaimed book (2015) written by Patrick Ness, that was later made into a film …

Teacher language: It isn’t just what teachers say, but how they say it that matters

power of our words

The Power of Our Words is a teacher resource book that emphasizes the power of language to shape learners. Written …

Visiting Feelings: Emotional Awareness and Mindfulness in a Children’s Picture Book

visiting feelings

The children’s book Visiting Feelings was written by Lauren Rubenstein, Psy.D. and illustrated by Shelley Hehenberger. The 32-page book was …

A Children’s Picture Book about Hope, Healing and Compassion

how to healt

How to Heal a Broken Wing, written and illustrated by Bob Graham in 2017, is a 40-page children’s picture book. …

A book to foster Peacemaking with Peers: The Kids’ Guide to Working Out Conflicts

The kids' guide to working out conflicts

The Kids’ Guide to Working Out Conflicts is a book by Naomi Drew, M.A., a US-based expert on conflict resolution …

A book on Building Communication Skills: Creative Conflict Resolution


Creative Conflict Resolution is a book by William J. Kreidler, a US-based educator specializing in conflict resolution. This book provides …

99 Activities and Greetings for Livening up Morning Meetings

99 activities

99 Activities and Greetings is a book by US-based school teacher Melissa Correa-Connolly. This book offers busy elementary and middle …

A book to help Improve School Climate and Reduce Violence

connecting with students

Connecting with Students is authored by Dr. Allen N. Mendler, an American school psychologist who specializes in behavior and classroom …

Improving emotional intelligence: The EQ Difference


“The EQ Difference” by Adele B. Lynn offers practical tips for developing and utilizing emotional intelligence (EQ). The book is …

An easy-to-follow and comprehensive book: Bullying in Schools

Bullying in schools

The book “Bullying in Schools” draws from Ken Rigby’s research that examined the responses of over 20,000 students who described …

A simple tool to address behavioural problems in children with autism

incredible 5 point scale

Kari Dunn Buron and Mitzi Curtis wrote the book “The Incredible 5-Point Scale” to help educators, administrators, and parents understand …

French short documentary, “Social Me,” shares one young adult’s reflection on her relationship with social media.

This French NFB short documentary on social media includes English sub-titles and was produced by funding from the Canadian government’s …

“Like stars on earth”: How to engage youth with dyslexia when other educators and parents struggle to understand it

Based in India, Like stars on earth (2007) is a movie about Ishaan Awashti, an elementary student with dyslexia in …

Real-life Consequences of Social Bullying: It’s a Girls’ World

It’s a Girl’s World is a Canadian documentary directed by Lynn Glazier that showcases social bullying among a group of …

Helping Children with Social Cognitive Difficulties: Let’s Talk Emotions

lets talk emotions

Let’s Talk Emotions is a book by Dr. Teresa A. Cardon, a Behavior Analyst and Speech Pathologist from the United …

Rethinking discipline practices? Try reading, “It’s all about We”.

its all about we

It’s all about We is a book written by Dianne Gossen that explores an alternative approach to discipline, called “restitution”. …

Dealing with peer pressure: keepin’ it REAL

“keepin’ it REAL” is a program consisting of 10 free-standing lessons centered around young people’s narratives that explain how they …

A district-led and implemented SEL program that includes various stakeholders in its development: CHARACTERplus Way

CHARACTERplus Way is a district-wide approach to develop students’ social and emotional learning that requires a three-year implementation process. …

A self-care program for K-12 students and educators: Pure Power

Through mindfulness activities that promote self-awareness and self-management, Pure Power teaches students ways to manage stress, respond versus react, act …

Using literature as a tool against bullying: Confronting Bullying book

Confronting Bullying

Roxanne Henkin’s book Confronting Bullying describes how literacy curricula and character education programs have helped reduce bullying in the classroom. …

Kindness, individual differences, and bullying are central themes in the movie “Wonder”

Wonder (2017) is a movie directed by Stephen Chbosky, based on the New York Times Bestselling book by R. J. …

“Bully” is a documentary film following the lives of five students who face bullying.

Bully (2011) is a documentary directed by Lee Hirsch that follows the lives of five American youth who experience bullying. …

The dark side of social media: The movie “Audrie & Daisy”

This documentary examines the impact of sexual assault on the lives of female survivors, their families, and their communities. Produced …

SEL picture book series for pre-K to Grade 2


My Social and Emotional Learning Foundations (MySELF) book series is designed to promote positive social and emotional skills for children …

Using Adventure to Create Community in the Classroom

Journey toward

Journey Toward the Caring Classroom, written by Laurie Frank, brings experiential learning into the classroom as a way to …

Fostering self-regulated learning in the classroom

Developing self-regulated learners

This book is written by Deborah Butler, Nancy Perry and Leyton Schnellert, professors in special education and educational psychology at …

Practical strategies for supporting refugee children and families

This Resilience Guide was developed by CMAS (Childminding Monitoring, Advisory and Support), Canada’s leading organization with a focus on caring …

Bringing Social Justice Into Action through Education

This 20-hour self-study course is designed to empower teachers to create a teaching practice grounded in principles of social justice. …

Advice for Parents and Teachers on How to End Bullying


Written by parent and popular blogger Carrie Goldman, and endorsed by top bullying experts, this book provides realistic and practical …

A resource guide for supporting Students through Trauma

Making Space for Learning: Trauma Informed Practice in Schools, developed by the Australian Childhood Foundation, is a research-informed …

Teaching Students from Refugee Families

Teaching Refugees with Limited Formal Schooling, developed by the Calgary Board of Education in Alberta, Canada, is a …

Supporting Sexual and Gender Minority Students in Schools

Developed by the Government of Alberta in Canada, the Guidelines for Best Practices: Creating Learning Environments that Respect Diverse Sexual

Working with Sexual and Gender Minority Students and their Families

Creating Safe and Supportive

Edited by Emily S. Fisher of Loyola Marymount University and Karen Komosa-Hawkins of Chapman University, Creating Safe and Supportive Learning

The Experiences of Transgender Youth in Society

This Being Safe, Being Me report, created by the Stigma and Resilience among Vulnerable Youth Centre (SARAVYC) at the University …

Talking About Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) in the Classroom

The SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity) 123 Education website is a comprehensive resource for educators aimed at increasing awareness …

Helping children develop social skills in Friendship Groups

Social and Emotional Skills Training

Social and Emotional Skills Training for Children is the manual for the Friendship Group program, an evidence-based, group-intervention for elementary …

Creating Healthy Classrooms that Encourage Learning

Resilient classrooms

This guide, developed by experts in child development and school psychology, presents educators with classroom-based strategies for supporting student’s psychological …

Peer-Assisted Learning Strategies

The Power of Peers

This volume, edited by Dr. Karen Harris, Professor of Special Education at Arizona State University, and Dr. Lynn Meltzer, Professor …

Teaching Mindfulness Strategies to Children and Adolescents

Teaching Mindfulness

This volume, edited by Dr. Christopher Willard, from Lesley University and Harvard Medical School and Dr. Amy Saltzman, a holistic …

Understanding the Status of LGBTQ Students in Schools: A Teacher’s Perspective

The Every Teacher Project, developed by Catherine Taylor and colleagues from the University of Winnipeg, is a knowledge mobilization …

A children’s book that teaches anger management using muscle relaxation: Angry Octopus


The Angry Octopus is a fun children’s book that tells the story of a sea child helping an angry octopus …

A video of kids talking about difficult emotions, and how breathing helps them calm down

Just Breathe is a short video created in 2014 by US filmmakers Julie Bayer Salzman & Josh Salzman using interviews …

A book about using restorative practices in classrooms: Better Than Carrots or Sticks

Better Than Carrots or Sticks

Better Than Carrots or Sticks, written by educators Dominique Smith, Douglas Fisher, and Nancy Frey, advocates for the use of …

A comprehensive reader-friendly online guide to Bullying

This online guide to bullying summarizes current international statistics and research on bullying in a highly accessible, reader-friendly way. The …

A website on which students share stories about teachers who changed their lives

The Teachers Change Lives website, created by the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association in Canada, is a collection of personal …

An online SEL toolkit designed for parents

The Parent Toolkit is a website produced by NBC News Education Nation in the US, and supported by Pearson publishing …

An online resource for teaching students with limited formal schooling

The Teaching Refugees with Limited Formal Schooling (LFS) Website was developed by the Calgary Board of Education in Alberta, Canada, …

Brochure for educators receiving refugee students into their classrooms

This 6-page brochure, developed by the US Bureau of Refugee and Immigrant Assistance (BRIA), is designed for educators who are …

A detailed guide to 25 widely-used SEL programs in the US: Navigating SEL from the Inside Out

This report was commissioned in 2017 by The Wallace Foundation, a New York based philanthropy, to educate school personnel and …

Guidebook for Adolescent Girls for Promoting Agency

A Girl’s Guide to Knowing Her Rights, developed by the YWCA Canada, is designed for adolescent girls to …

A Media Based Website: Lessons on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

I Am Syria is a non-profit, media-based website that provides resources and educational lesson plans about the Syrian Conflict. Lesson …

An Online Game: Teaching About Refugee Migration Experiences

The Syrian Journey: Choose Your Own Escape game, developed by the British Broadcasting Channel (BBC), serves as an educational …

Some tips on self-care for educators working with children with trauma

Recognizing that educators working directly with traumatized children and adolescents are vulnerable to the effects of trauma, this information sheet, …

How schools and educators can support refugee children’s adjustment to school in North America

This section of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) website outlines several considerations for schools and educators for supporting …

An online resource for understanding refugee trauma in children

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) is a U.S. organization with a goal to improve access to care, treatment, …

A toolkit for helping refugee families build resilience towards stress

The Center for Refugee Trauma and Resilience at the Boston Children’s Hospital in the United States has developed a web-based …

Multilingual resource sheets for parents on positive child development topics

The Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs (FRP Canada) has created a series of multilingual resource sheets for parents about …

Learning useful phrases in Arabic and other languages

A great way to build relationships and show you care about newcomer students is to learn to speak some caring …

A report on the core settlement needs of young newcomer children

This report was published by Childminding Monitoring, Advisory and Support (CMAS) Canada, a leading organization in supporting immigrant …

Multi-lingual brochures for parents

These brochures were developed as part of the “New In Canada” Parenting Support Series, created by Childminding Monitoring, Advisory and …

A report on the educational and mental health needs of Syrian Refugee Children

This report, published in Oct 2015 by the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) in Washington, DC, examines the experiences of Syrian …

A Guide for Welcoming Young Children and Their Families

This guide is published by Childminding Monitoring, Advisory and Support (CMAS) Canada, a leading organization in supporting immigrant …

Online resource for coordinators and educators on considerations for early childhood education regarding refugee and immigrant students


Diversity and difference in early childhood education: Issues for theory and practice, written by Kerry H. Robinson and Criss …

Acknowledging educational needs of students in times of crisis and disaster: A book of essays


Even in chaos: Education in times of emergency, written by Kevin M. D. Cahill and Miguel H. E. D’Escoto …

Online resource for coordinators and educators on early childhood education for refugee and immigrant students

Promising practices of early childhood education for immigrant and refugee children of British Columbia, developed by the Affiliation of …

A resource on creating supportive school environments for refugee students

Life after war: Education as a healing process for refugee and war-affected children, written by Tony Tavares and Isle …

TED talk on the importance of providing education for refugee children

This TED talk by Melissa Fleming, Head of Communications at UN’s High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), makes the case for …

A short video about the life of one refugee child

This short video (2 minutes, 43 seconds), created by UNICEF, introduces the plight of refugee children through the life of …

Teaching tools for integrating refugee issues into classroom curriculum

The United Nations Refugee Agency website includes a section for teachers, providing teaching tools and resources for educators to raise …

A Guide for Schools About Supporting Children with Refugee Experience

This resource guide was developed in March 2014 as part of the Surrey Welcoming Communities Project in British Columbia, Canada. …

A documentary about life in the Za’atari Syrian Refugee Camp

Salam Neighbor, released in 2016 by US film production companies Living on One Dollar and 1001 MEDIA, provides a …

Teaching young children the difference between bullying and teasing: A storybook


Tease Monster, written by Julia Cook and illustrated by Anita Du Falla (2013), is a storybook targeted for children …

Teaching children about transgender students: A novel


George, written by Alex Gino (2015), is a book for middle school children that focuses on the main character, …

Supporting refugee children in schools: A reference guide


Supporting refugee children: Strategies for educators, written by Jan Stewart (2011), Associate professor in the Faculty of Education at …

Teaching young children to not tattle on others: A storybook


A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue, written by Julia Cook and illustrated by Anita Du Falla, is a storybook …

Caring for Syrian Refugee Children

Caring for Syrian Refugee Children: A Program Guide for Welcoming Young Children and Their Families, developed by Childminding Monitoring, …

Develop Knowledge and Skills Regarding the Mental Health of Refugees

The Refugee Mental Health Project, developed by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (Ontario, Canada) aims to build the …

Engage Immigrant and Refugee Students and Families

Strategies for Engaging Immigrant and Refugee Families, developed by Promote Prevent, a part of Education Development Center, Inc. in …

A Guide for Teachers and Schools for Students of Refugee Backgrounds

Students from Refugee Backgrounds: A Guide for Teachers and Schools, produced by the BC Ministry of Education (British Columbia, …

Welcoming Syrian Newcomer Students and Families to Schools

The Welcoming Syrian Students & Families Info Sheet, developed by School Mental Health-Assist (Ontario, Canada), outlines the importance of …

Canadian website of tools and resources for building caring communities

The Safe and Caring website offers a wide variety of evidence-based tools and resources for helping schools and communities become …

How one teacher developed an ethic of compassion in his high school teaching practice

In this article, Joshua Block, a U.S. public school Humanities teacher in Philadelphia, reflects on the role compassion plays in …

Online SEL resource center for teens and their educators

The inspirED online resource center, jointly developed by Facebook and the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, provides practical SEL tools …

Online guide to promoting SEL in out-of-school programs for youth

Preparing Youth to Thrive is an online guide of promising practices for promoting SEL in youth-serving programs. Jointly developed by …

A free online course about Belonging for teachers

Belonging for Educators is a free, interactive online course designed for teachers of K-12 students. Part of the Mindset Kit …

Daily practices to promote happiness and well-being

Greater Good in Action is a collaboration between University of California Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and HopeLab, in …

Effective online cards for parents to support children’s SEL at home

Great Schools (a US-based non-profit organization) in collaboration with Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence has developed a set of online …

A Self-Regulation Toolkit for Educators

This online toolkit is designed to help schools and educators incorporate and assess self-regulation in their daily teaching practices. Developed …

Information and Tools for Promoting Character Development

The Character Lab website houses an online collection of tools for understanding and promoting character development, designed for use by …

Use Games to Engage Students in Learning Twenty-First-Century Skills

Institute of Play (USA) aims to utilize games to support education and as engaging systems to develop 21st-century …

A Bullying Awareness Guidebook to Learn About and Prevent Bullying in Schools

The Accredited Schools Online Bullying Awareness Guidebook brings awareness to different types of bullying and its targets, and provides students, …

The Developmental Assets Framework: Understand, Identify, and Track Development in Critical Areas

The Search Institute (Minnesota, USA), founded in 1958, works with organizations, schools, and community coalitions to solve critical challenges in …

A Conversation on the Development of Intelligence Through Art

This 7-minute video presents the Development of Intelligence Through Art (DIA) Program, a program where children spend time pondering visual …

The Critical Role of Early Child Development: An interview with Clyde Hertzman

This 2-part talk with Dr. Clyde Hertzman, former Director of UBC’s Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP), organized into a …

Dispelling Myths About the Adolescent Brain: An Interview with Daniel Siegel

In this 14-minute video, first aired at the Dalai Lama Center’s Heart-Mind 2014 Conference, Daniel Siegel dispels myths regarding the …

How SEL is Integral to Academics: An interview with Maurice Elias

This 6-minute video is a 2007 interview at the CASEL Forum with Maurice Elias, a psychology professor at Rutgers University …

Daniel Goleman speaks on the Value of Educating the Whole Child

This 6-minute video of a 2007 interview at the CASEL Forum with Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence, discusses …

Five Keys to Success in promoting Social and Emotional Learning

This 6-minute video outlines the emotional and academic benefits of social and emotional learning in schools. It introduces five key …

Humanity’s Responsibility in “Educating the Hearts of Children” – A Talk by the Dalai Lama

This 18-minute talk was presented by the Dalai Lama at the 2014 Heart-Mind Summit organized by the Dalai Lama Center …

Working with Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders: Resources for Parents, Children, and Youth

AnxietyBC (British Columbia, Canada), established in 1999, is a non-profit organization that works to raise awareness about anxiety and anxiety …

PassageWorks: Engagement Resources and Workshops for Educators and Parents

SMART- Passageworks

PassageWorks (Colorado, USA) is an organization whose goal is to support educators and parents in their integration of social, emotional, …

An evidence-based program to improve resiliency in adults and the young children in their care

The Reaching In Reaching Out (RIRO) Resiliency Skills Training Program is a 12-hour, evidence-based, skill-enhancement program for service providers working …

Classroom Strategies for Fostering Self-Regulation in Students in Pre-K to Grade 6

calm, alert

In his 2012 book, Dr. Stuart Shanker, a leading Canadian scholar on self-regulation, offers a range of classroom strategies that …

A program for helping children handle stress

Developed by the Psychology Foundation of Canada, Kids Have Stress Too! (KHST!) is a primary prevention program that provides evidence-based …

Working with communities to improve well-being in schools

Well Ahead is an ongoing initiative of the J.W.McConnell Foundation aimed at enhancing student well-being in school communities. In its …

A US Government Website Aimed at Identifying Strategies for Supporting Teens (formerly was created by a collaboration between 19 American federal agencies that support programs and services focusing on …

A Parent Toolkit for Academics, Health and Wellness, and Social and Emotional Development

The Parent Toolkit is a collection of resources produced by the NBC News Education Network in the United States in …

International Programs and Workshops for Mindfulness Education

Mindfulness Without Borders is an organization consisting of a team of educators, practitioners, and professionals who are dedicated to the …

Confronting Prejudice by Connecting Historical Events to Students’ Own Lives

Facing History and Ourselves is a nonprofit, international educational and professional development organization that works to engage students of diverse …

Learn About Developmental Trajectories, Biological Links and Policy Research Regarding Development

The Human Early Learning Partnership (British Columbia, Canada) is a collaborative, interdisciplinary research network based out of the University of …

Integrating SEL into Pre-Service and In-Service Teacher Education

Social & emotional learning and teacher education: What do we know and where do we go from here?, revised in …

Use Cognitive Behavior Therapy Skills to Cope with Depression

Moodgym (Australia) is a free interactive training program developed to help young people learn cognitive behavior therapy skills for preventing …

Daily Activities Nurture Children’s Growth from Birth

Vroom is a collection of resources developed by a group of scientists, community leaders, and trusted brands that operates with …

Learn and Apply Information on how Interpersonal Relationships Affect Brain Development

The Mindsight Institute focuses on interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB), which is an interdisciplinary field with the goal to understand the mind …

Develop Contemplative Communities in Higher Education Settings

The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society (Massachusetts, USA) is a non-profit organization that works to transform higher education by …

A Network That Promotes the Integration of Traditional Scientific Methodology with Contemplative Practices

The Mind and Life Institute, established in 1987, is a non-profit organization whose goal is to build a scientific understanding …

A Network Dedicated to Cultivating and Supporting Mindfulness in Educational Settings

Mindfulness in Education, established in 2001, is a network that sees mindfulness as a solution to stress, confusion, and …

A Non-Profit Network Dedicated to Promoting Child Spirituality

The ChildSpirit Institute (Georgia, USA) is a non-profit network of families, researchers, teachers, health care providers, community and religious leaders, …

A Website for Spiritually-Grounded Practices to Promote Love, Forgiveness, and Compassion

The Fetzer Institute (Michigan, USA) is an organization dedicated to improving the human condition through raising awareness of the relationship …

A Pyramid Model for Supporting Social and Emotional Competence in Children from Birth to Age 5

The Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL), developed at Vanderbilt University (Tennessee, USA), is a …

Teach Social Responsibility to Students Through Programs and Classroom Lessons

Morningside Center (4rs program) Logo

The Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility works with teachers, principals, guidance counselors, other school staff, and parents to help …

A Website to Help Adults Guide Children’s Growth, Skills, and Independence

Acorn Dreams is a website for teachers, parents, and other caregivers that offers information to help guide children aged 3 …

A Toolkit for Re-Examining Knowledge and Beliefs on Bullying

Eyes on Bullying is a toolkit that helps users understand bullying, to re-examine their own knowledge and beliefs about bullying, …

Inform Your Teaching Practice with Readings on Effective Teaching Strategies, Implementing Technology, and More

New Horizons for Learning, adapted from the John Hopkins University School of Education, is a web resource designed to …

An Interactive Map of Mindfulness Programs and Support Forum for Educators is a website created by the Association for Mindfulness in Education (AME), which serves as a collaboration of organizations …

Reduce Bullying Through School-Based Strategies

The P.E.A.C.E. Pack, developed in 2001, is an anti-bullying program from Flinders University (Adelaide, Australia). The systematic framework provided by …

A children’s book about the ripples of being kind, and unkind

each kindness

Each Kindness, written by Jacqueline Woodson, is a story about a girl named Chloe who reacts unkindly when a new …

Children’s book about how first impressions could be misleading, even for ‘sworn enemies’!


Enemy Pie, written by Derek Munson, is about a boy who is having trouble with a new neighbor, Jeremy Ross, …

A children’s book about how hard being kind can sometimes be


Those Shoes, written by Maribeth Boelts, is a story about Jeremy, who really wants a pair of “cool shoes” like …

Connecting Researchers and Practitioners Interested in Cultivating Mindfulness in Education

The Mindfulness in Education Network (MIEN) was established in 2001 by a group of educators and students of Zen Master …

Promoting social and emotional learning in Secondary Schools

This 8-page article, published in February 2014 by the Center for Youth Voice in Policy and Practice, provides a comprehensive, …

Where to find games, worksheets and activities for teaching in classrooms and home is an easy-to-navigate website that provides educators and parents with resources to promote learning at home, at school, and …

Mindfulness tools and research from UCLA

The Mindful Awareness Research Center at the University of California, Los Angeles aims to foster mindful awareness across the lifespan, …

An online resource dedicated to Positive Psychology

The Authentic Happiness website is developed and maintained by the Positive Psychology Center at University of Pennsylvania, overseen by Dr. …

A pinterest board for teaching SEL

Edutopia’s SEL Pinterest board- a curated board of creative, SEL-related “pins” submitted by educators. “Pins” include ‘tips and tricks’, activities, …

Self-help guides for kids to overcoming difficult emotions


The What to Do When … book series, written by Dawn Huebner, provides children and their parents with easy-to-read information …

Creating safe, respectful environments with Operation Respect

Operation Respect, founded in 1999 by Peter Yarrow, is a non-profit education organization dedicated to creating safe, respectful, “bully-free” …

Using stories of heroes to empower “sticking your neck out” for common good

The Giraffe Heroes project was founded by Ann Medlock to inspire and empower people to ‘stick their necks out’ for …

Building a feelings vocabulary for toddlers

feelings series

The “Feeling for Little Children” Series, written by Elizabeth Crary & Shari Steelsmith, teaches toddlers about feelings using song and …

Teaching children social problem solving using choose-your-ending books

Children’s Problem Solving series

The “Children’s Problem Solving” series, written by Elizabeth Crary, is designed to teach preschool and early elementary school children problem-solving …

Choose-your-ending books about feelings

dealing with feelings

The “Dealing with Feelings” series, written by Elizabeth Crary, is about feelings (and the situations that provoke them) that many …

A picture book that teaches about friendship and social aggression, using colors and numbers


“Two”, written by award winning author Kathryn Otoshi, is a beautifully simple, character-building children’s picture book about friendship, letting-go, self-discovery …

A book for cultivating mindfulness in children


The Mindful Child, written by Susan Kaiser Greenland, provides adults with practical, easy-to-follow techniques and tools for teaching children …

Free, developmentally appropriate health-related lesson plans for educators

KidsHealth in the Classroom is created by, the most visited, doctor-approved health information site on the Web for …

Inspiring Acts of Kindness


The Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) website is a treasury of resources for inspiring and empowering children and adults to …

An anti-bullying website by the US Government is a US federal government website managed by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, providing a …

A Global Network for promoting Emotional Intelligence

6 Seconds, founded by Anabel Jensen and Joshua Freeman, is a global network supporting the development of emotional intelligence …

Philanthropy education in K-12 Classrooms

The Learning to Give website is a treasury of resources for educators to teach about philanthropy, generosity, citizenship, and civic …

Anti-bias lessons and activities

The Teaching Tolerance website is a comprehensive resource for educators, serving as clearinghouse for information on anti-bias programs and activities …

Using colors and numbers to teach kids to stand up for themselves and others: A picture book


A simply and beautifully illustrated children’s picture book, “One” is a story about bullying that teaches children to stand up …

Teaching perspective-taking through the eyes of an ant: A child’s picture book

hey little ant

A charming, brightly illustrated children’s picture book, authored by Phillip M. Hoose & Hannah Hoose and illustrated by Debbie Tilley …

How are students affected by teachers’ social and emotional competence and well-being?

In this 2009 article Jennings and Greenberg argue that teacher’s social and emotional competence and well-being play a key role …

A useful online guide to understanding and improving teacher-student relationships

This webpage on the Education and Psychology (pre-k to 12) section of the American Psychological Association website provides comprehensive and …

Tools to Create an Atmosphere of Non-Violence at Home and School

Manual on Nonviolence

This book aims to create an atmosphere at home and school in which children and adults can gain skills to …

A Story Book on the Meaning of Mindfulness

Mindful Monkey

In this 2011, illustrated book, children explore the meaning of mindfulness and achieving “true happiness” by bringing all of your …

Mindfulness Exercises for Parents and Their Children

Sitting like a frog

This 2013 book introduces the basics of mindfulness to children and acts as a guide to cultivating a presence of …

A How-To Manual of Mindfulness Practices for Teens

Mindful Teen

This 2015 guide to mindfulness-based techniques can help teens learn to stay calm in stressful situations such as taking a …

Transform Anger into Connections Through Non-violent Communication

what's making you angry

This 2005 booklet offers the reader an approach to anger management called Non-Violent Communication™ (NVC). It outlines a process of …

The “Golden Rule” for Emotionally Intelligent Parenting

emotionally intelligent

This 1999 book offers a new “Golden Rule” for Emotionally Intelligent Parenting, and shows how parents can live by it: …

A Guide to Emotion Coaching for Parents


Published in 1998, this book serves as a guide to teaching children to understand and regulate their emotional world, with …

Using Anger Positively to Meet Needs


Published in 2005, this book aims to challenge the reader that anger can be used positively, outlining four key truths: …

Classroom Management for Canadian Educators

classroom management

Written by Levin, Nolan, Kerr, Elliot, and Bajovic, the Fourth Canadian Edition of this book provides a theoretically-based, practical system …

Implement both Cooperation and Competition in the Classroom


Published originally in 1987, this book outlines how different goal structures – competitive, individualistic, and cooperative – can be integrated …

A Collaborative System for School Improvement

pyramid of

Published in 2011, this book aims to simplify the complexity of school improvement efforts to help schools create a positive …

Strategies for Students to Foster Friendships

making friends

Published in 1991, this book aims includes ideas and strategies for fostering positive relationships, with the primary message that if …

Exercises to Enhance Relationships and Reduce Conflict

life enriching

Published in 2003, this book describes the process of life-enriching education, with a goal of educating this and future generations …

Tools, Models, and Assessments for Fostering School and Afterschool Environments

Program in Education, Afterschool, and Resiliency (PEAR) is a joint initiative between Harvard University and McLean Hospital whose aim is …

A Professional Development Workshop/Consultation Program for Fostering a School Ecosystem

Founded in 1976, Lesson One is a professional development program that is designed to help schools establish and implement a …

Improve School Safety and Prevent Violence is a website developed by the Melissa Institute for Violence Prevention and Treatment that is designed to help school …

English and Spanish SEL Resources for Children is a website created by a group of mental health therapists who sought to develop tools that are more …

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Courses and Resources for Adults is a website detailing the programs and activities available from the University of Massachusetts Medical School Centre for Mindfulness. …

Foster Mindfulness Awareness with English and Spanish Resources for Adults is a website detailing the programs and resources available from the Mindfulness Awareness Research Center of the University of …

Developing Multiple Intelligences to Create Civic-Minded Students


Published in 2003, this book suggests that combining emotional intelligence (EQ) with academic intelligence (IQ) is essential for developing knowledgeable, …

Working through Scenarios and Illustrations to Develop Empathy, Trust, and Respect

Published in 1996, this book emphasizes the necessity of imparting caring attitudes and teaching caring skills to children. Included are …

Helping families and educators promote social and emotional wellbeing in children

The Heart-Mind Online website, developed by the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education in Vancouver, Canada, is a collection …

The importance of helping children feel empowered

This TED talk features Kiran Bir Sethi, the founder of the Riverside School in India, a school focused on nurturing …

The importance of love and leadership in schools

This TED talk by Linda Cliatt, a principal at a school listed as ‘low performing’ and ‘potentially dangerous’ in Philadelphia, …

Non-cognitive skills that shape academic performance

This report, created in June 2012 by The University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research in partnership with the …

How SEL can help to develop resilience in children in contexts of conflict and crisis

This report, published in 2013 by the World Bank in collaboration with the International Rescue Committee, draws connections between Social …

An overview of the research on resilience in children

This article, published in Education Canada in 2010, is a short and easy read summarizing the research on resilience in …

An online learning tool to enhance emotional literacy

This emotions color wheel presents a fun, interactive way to learn about emotions, and is a useful tool to have …

Empowering teen leaders in bully prevention

bully busters

This book, published in 2012, outlines the Bully Busters Program for High School, a schoolwide program that focuses on empowering …

A comprehensive, school-based approach to bullying prevention and intervention


The Anti-Bullying Handbook, written by Dr. Keith Sullivan in New Zealand, provides a comprehensive overview of the key issues …

How teachers can support moral development in their classrooms

nice is not enough

Nice is Not Enough, written by Larry Nucci, provides an in-depth understanding of moral development from the early elementary …

A curriculum for teaching non-violence to children

compassionate classroom

The Compassionate Classroom, written by Sura Hart and Victoria Kindle Hodson, provides a curriculum and tools for teaching nonviolent …

Beyond Blaming: A book of tools for students to help them resolve conflict

no fault

The no-fault classroom, written by Sura Hart and Victoria Kindle Hodson, provides a curriculum and tools that help students …

Comparing different approaches to addressing cases of bullying


Bullying Interventions in Schools, authored by Dr. Ken Rigby, a renowned scholar in school bullying, is an examination of …

Considering the viewpoints of bullies and victims in addressing the problem: The Method of Shared Concern


Authored by Dr. Ken Rigby in Australia, an internationally recognized scholar on school bullying, this book offers an in-depth understanding …

A book for understanding and addressing bullying in schools


Bullying Prevention and Intervention, authored by Swearer, Espelage, and Napolitano, offers research-based information and practical strategies for dealing with …

A useful book on implementing SEL in grades K to 12


Social and Emotional Learning in the Classroom, authored by K.W. Merrell and B.A. Gueldner, offers comprehensive yet practical information …

A program that attends to the inner lives of teachers


The Courage to Teach program, developed by Parker J. Palmer in 1992 in Seattle, WA, USA, attends to the inner …

A mindfulness training program for teachers


The CARE for Teachers program (Cultivating Awareness and Resilience in Education), developed by the Garrison Institute in New York in …

A spoken word poet on the experience of being different to the other kids in school

An inspiring TED talk by Shane Koyczan, a Canadian spoken-word poet who shares his stories about bullying and being bullied. …

More is needed to bring empathy into action in schools


This short blogpost, published on the Edutopia website in 2011 by Dr. Maurice Elias of Rutgers University in the …

A call for education that supports the flourishing of diverse capabilities

An inspiring TED talk presented in 2010 by Sir Ken Robinson, calling for a transformation in education, a move from …

Schools need to treat creativity with the same importance as literacy

A popular TED talk presented in 2006 by Sir Ken Robinson, who believes that many schools today are “educating kids …

Three ways to teach in a world where students no longer have to come to school to acquire knowledge

A convincing TED talk by Diana Laufenberg, a high school social studies teacher who believes that a paradigm shift is …

A chemistry teacher’s rules for cultivating curiosity

A short but compelling TED talk by Ramsey Musallam, a high school chemistry teacher who believes that teachers are essentially …

Math can help build perseverance and patience- by changing the math questions we give students

An inspiring and funny TED talk by Dan Meyer, a math teacher who proposes that a new way is needed …

A video about learning the skills to engage an audience

A TED talk passionately delivered by Christopher Emdin, a teacher who proposes that there is a need for educators …

The right way to communicate science to young learners

A compelling TED talk by Tyler DeWitt, a science teacher who believes that teaching science to middle school children needs …

An inspiring talk by a teacher about building relationships in the classroom

An inspiring, funny and rousing TED talk by Rita Pierson, a passionate teacher who believes that teaching and learning pivots …

What is needed to scale up non-cognitive development in education today


This article, published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review in February 2015, calls for the scaling up of non-cognitive …

Lessons learnt from teaching mindfulness to teenagers


This article, published on the Greater Good website in August 2014, provides some challenges, and strategies for teaching mindfulness …

How cultivating mindfulness helps teachers

This article, published on the Greater Good website in March 2015, highlights the value of cultivating a mindfulness practice for …

A call for cultivating both SEL and mindfulness in children


This engaging article, written by Linda Lantieri (Senior Program Advisor for CASEL) and Vicki Zarzewski (Education Director at the …

A return of $11 on every $1 invested in SEL

This groundbreaking 2015 report from the Center for Benefit-Cost Studies in Education at Columbia University’s Teachers College, requested by the …

US teacher’s voices on the importance of SEL

This engaging report presents findings from a US survey of teachers conducted in December of 2012, commissioned by the Collaborative

A seminal review of the impact of school-based SEL programs

This article, published in the January 2011 issue of the academic journal, Child Development, presents a review of 213 …

A report by the OECD on the importance of developing social and emotional skills

As part of the Education and Social Progress project conducted by the international Organization for Economic and Cooperative Development (OECD) …

Descriptive examples of how Social and Emotional learning can be integrated in a Secondary Classroom

This issue brief, published on the University of Minnesota extension website in March of 2014, is written by Megan Olivia …

A brief overview of the SEL movement

This 6-page online article by Jill Suttie, published in September of 2011 on the Greater Good website (from the University …

An overview on the current status of SEL in Canada

This 11-page report, published in 2013, is unique for its focus on the current status of social and emotional learning …

How to increase intentionality in fostering Social and Emotional Learning


This issue brief, published on the University of Minnesota extension website in February 2015, highlights the importance of intentionality …

A snapshot of youth mental, social and emotional health in British Columbia: The BC Adolescent Health Survey

The McCreary Centre Society, in collaboration with the provincial government and public health system, and school districts in British Columbia …

A holistic model of the Social and Emotional learner


This issue brief, published on the University of Minnesota extension website, proposes a “Ways of Being” model as a …

A short glossary of terms in education for non-cognitive skills for success

This article, published on the nprEd website in May 2015, is a fun and easy read about the complexity of …

How one teacher integrated social and emotional learning into his math classroom

A math teacher in Anchorage, Alaska, named Chris Orpitz, explains how he integrates the teaching of social and emotional skills …

A website for research into happiness, compassion and altruism

Greater Good Science

The Greater Good Science Center is based at the University of California, in Berkeley, Califorina, USA, with a mission …

A curated website for research on SEL by the University of Minnesota


The social and emotional learning section in the University of Minnesota’s Extension website, is a curated collection of up-to-date …

Resources for collaborative learning

Inside the Collaborative Classroom” is the resource section of the Center for the Collaborative Classroom in the United States. …

Dynamic website for sharing of SEL best practices by educators

edutopia, founded by George Lucas, is a dynamic website with an abundance of informational resources for educators to browse and …

A valuable resource site from Canada’s leading organization on bullying prevention


The Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Network (PREVNet), led by Dr. Debra Pepler of York University and Dr. Wendy Craig …

Useful evidence-based resource website by the leaders in the field of social and emotional learning (SEL)

The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) is the leading SEL organization in the United States, and widely …

10 teaching practices that promote SEL

This report, published in January 2014 by the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders at American Institutes for Research, provides …

A call for greater integration of SEL into daily educational practices

This article, published in 2012, proposes that new perspectives in the teaching of SEL, and a deeper integration of SEL …

A video on the five core competencies in Social and Emotional Learning

An engaging and well-made, 6-minute video from Edutopia that provides an overview of SEL, and helps viewers understand the five …

A touching video message about Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

This short, 2-minute video created by the Dalai Lama Center in Vancouver makes the case for ‘educating the heart’. Narrated …

Evaluating social-emotional competencies in early childhood

This 2008 research synthesis, developed by the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning at Vanderbilt University …



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